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LVP, Hardwood, and Carpet

Commercial Cleaning

BPS Southeast’s proven commercial cleaning process will not damage the glue holding down your carpet to the floor like traditional cleaning services have been known to do. When you partner with BPS, your floors will live a longer life and look better. What are your needs? BPS Southeast has a solution!

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Residential Cleaning

At BPS Southeast, we treat each cleaning with the importance that it deserves. After all, your home represents the most significant investment you’ll ever make and professional cleaning should respond with a full and complete deep cleaning that can be easily observed. At BPS, you can rest assured, we always do!

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Need Commercial Cleaning?

Get All Kinds of Cleaning Services

If you’re looking to get superior cleaning services for your commercial property, contact the professionals at BPS Southeast. We offer services for many types of businesses as well as flooring & installations. Whether remodeling or new construction, we have a wide variety of products and pricing.

Cleaning services can be performed around your opening and closing schedule. Customers and employees will take notice when a building is being maintained or not. If you need flooring, we offer carpet tiles & luxury vinyl that are made to take heavy wear and tear. We try to provide you the right product & pricing for your work place.

Monthly up to yearly maintenance schedules can be made to help reduce cost or help with maintaining a clean facility. For flooring installations, we do our best to provide quality products at different price points to try and meet your budgets.


1. Carpet Cleaning:

Rely on us for very low moisture carpet cleaning. We use environmentally friendly methods that use little water and non-toxic cleaners. Your carpets will dry within two hours or less. After-hour scheduling is available for commercial accounts. We can also provide services for multi-level buildings.

2. Wood Floor Cleaning:

We can provide you with wood floor cleaning and recoating services. Our Basic Coatings System can get your floor recoated at night and ready for traffic in the morning with Streetshoe NXT. Benefit from our true dustless recoating.

3. Surface Disinfection and Anti-Microbial Protection:

Protect your surfaces from bacterial growth with the help of our surface disinfection and anti-microbial services. We can help control the growth of any bacteria, mold, or fungi. Our services are perfect for workplaces, indoor playgrounds, schools, and homes. We also carry air purifiers that can kill germs, mold, and odors. You can get it installed in the ductwork or stand-alone units can be purchased. Tile and grout cleaning – serviced during business hours or after hours. 

4. Leather Cleaning

Leather, like our skin, needs to be cleaned and moisturized in order to stand the test of time. Located here in Spindale, BPS Southeast has a long tradition of excellence when comes to cleaning leather. Rest assured that we can extensively clean every corner of your commercial spaces to ensure that your surrounding is guaranteed clean as new. From office dividers to office tables and even hospitals, we’ve got it all covered.

Residential Cleaning

Maintain a Clean Home With Our Help

Let us help you find cleaning solutions for your flooring, furniture, and other surfaces in your home. The cleaners at BPS Southeast can provide you with cleaning services for your home depending on your needs. We can help you learn how to care for your floor and furniture.

If you are remodeling or building a new home, please let us provide quality flooring for your home. We try to provide unique selections that other stores may not carry so you can have more choices to choose from. We will be glad to bring samples to you and let you make your decisions on site so you get the right color and style. The flooring needs to be viewed at your home and not in a show room to get the right match. 


1. Carpet Cleaning:

Many homes have carpet whether one room or a whole house. Carpet requires an occasional professional cleaning to keep it clean and healthy. Using Low Moisture Cleaning, carpet dries faster and it takes less time for us to be in your home. You can get back to your day faster.

2. Upholstery Cleaning:

Make your upholstery last for years with the help of our cleaning services. We can help remove body oils, dead skin, and other soiling from your upholstery.

3. Wood Floor Cleaning:

Wood floors need a professional cleaning to help keep the finish looking new. If the floors are showing signs of wear in the finish, a quick clean and refinish will cover over the scratches and bring the floors back to life.

4. Other services include: Odor Removal and Leather Cleaning


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