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Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas

Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas

If your wood floor has been damaged in a disaster, or if you have a stained wooden floor that is starting to look its age, Boone's Restoration Technologies can make your floor look as good as new. People know Boone's Restoration Technologies for providing disaster cleanup and restoration in Houston. However, we also offer low-cost wooden floor restoration in Houston, Texas.

Indeed, the benefits of hiring Boone's Restoration Technologies for wooden floor restoration vs. doing it yourself or hiring someone else are that you will save the money, the time, and the hassle that comes with undertaking such a project. The job will be done correctly the first time, which means you won't have to redo it or pay a professional to fix it.

Staining a wooden floor is a great way to make it look better before sealing the floor underneath a coat of urethane. However, this leads to problems. For example, once you seal your wooden floor with urethane and your wooden floor is exposed to foot traffic, and any time your wooden floor is damaged, it reveals a lighter color underneath. You're left with a surface that looks quite bad, and that's where Boone's Restoration Technologies can save you a lot of trouble.

Instead of sanding your whole floor back to bare wood, staining everything, and then re-establishing a protective layer of urethane on top, there are other methods that can be used - methods that are less time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you want a professional job done with results you can rave about, then contact Boone's Restoration Technologies. We can make any damaged or worn-out wooden floor look like brand-new again. However, if you are adament about doing it yourself, here is a tip that you can use to make your floor look better without going through everything we just laid out.

Start by choosing the right chemicals to clean any debris or stains from your wooden floor. You'll want to make sure that whatever chemicals and scrubbers you use will not harm your wooden floor beyond what it already has been harmed. Next, you'll get a can of stain and a rag, and work that stain into the whole surface of the floor. You'll want to pay special attention to areas of wear and dents. You'll want to re-establish the finished color and hide any light colors of wood.

When you choose a stain, if you can't find an exact match for the color that you have got on the floor, then always choose one shade darker. The result will be a terrific antique distressed look. You'll want to let your stain dry for at least a day and give it two coats of urethane on top. This way, you will have a terrific-looking floor for a fraction of the cost and hassle of a conventional floor restoration project.
Of course, you can always calll Boone's Restoration Technologies for wooden floor restoration in Houston, Texas. We'll do the job right the first time and take the task off your hands so you can focus on other more important matters.

Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas
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Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas Wooden Floor Restoration Houston Texas


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