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Wood floors have become very fashionable in the market for homes. When considering redesigning a home, lifestyles change, or selling a home, sometimes sanding and refinishing a wood floor may not be the right choice. There is another way to change the look of a wood floor. Changing the sheen on the floor, or the amount of light reflected from a surface, can change the look of a home.

The option to screen a floor and re-coat may not be the answer anymore to making a floor look new again. Wire brushed or hand scraped wood will be damaged and the color removed in higher places in the flooring while lower places will not be touched. This also doesn’t remove any of the contaminates that could be on the floor that may hinder bonding of another oil based clear coat. It also doesn’t give the option to change the sheen that some owners may want.

As a Basic Coatings Contractor, BPS Southeast can provide a newer a faster way to improve the look of wood flooring. If a wood floor doesn’t have any major damage to the wood such as scratches that go past the original clear coat, and the owner isn’t wanting to change the color of the wood, then a wood floor can be re-coated in a couple of days. Basic Coatings provide five different options for sheen on wood floors: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, Matte, and Pure Matte.

Shiny floors look really good on basketball courts and commercial buildings, but not always in the home. Shiny means also that you see scratches more, dirt floating around, and less of the beautiful wood grain that makes the floor unique. Home owners that have animals get tired of looking at the scratches from their family pets. Other owners that have darker floors have to clean the floors constantly because the shine shows all the grim that is on the floors as well.

Using the Basic Coatings process, the shine can be toned down to a Matte or Pure Matte than hides the scratches much more, but also enhances the color and grain of the wood. Taking away the shine allows the home owner to see more of the wood and the beauty of the flooring that they have. It is a quick process and there is little VOCs from the products used. Owners will also not have all the dust to clean up from and will not have to leave for an extended period of time. Give home owners another choice and have a certified contractor from Basic Coatings help you expand your services.